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Za Vele Markov

A song about the Krushevo voivode Vele Markov
Za Vele Markov - Performed by the band "Biser" from Demir Hisar feat. Kiro Angelevski - Sterja

Golemo chudo, chudo stanalo,
chudo stanalo, majko, vo grad Bitola,
vo grad Bitola, majko, bitolska naija.

Bitolska naija, vo grad Prilepa,
vo grad Prilepa, majko, prilepska naija,
vo grad Prilepa, majko, prilepska naija.

Prilepska naija, vo grad Krushevo,
vo grad Krushevo, majko, krushevska naija,
vo grad Krushevo, majko, krushevska naija.

Krushevska naija, v krushevskite sela,
v krushevskite sela, majko, v selo Rakitnica,
tamu sam se ubi, majko, toj Vele Markov.

Velko Vele Markov
Velko (Vele) Markov - born on February 12, 1870 in the village of Selce (Krushevo area) was a socialist and Krushevo region voivode of IMARO. He was the founder of the Macedonian-Adrianople Social-Democratic Group in 1896. On June 10, 1902 he and his cheta were surrounded by Ottoman army and bashi-bazouk bands in the village of Rakitnica (Demir Hisar area). The voivode Jordan Piperkata and his cheta arrived to help them but without success. After a day-long battle with the Ottoman forces, Vele Markov and several of his comrades were killed.