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Za Pere Toshev

(A song about the voivode Pere Toshev)
Prokleti bile shpiuni
Perform by Kostadinka Palazova & female vocal group of DMBUC „Ilija Nikolovski Luj“ Skopje

Prokleti bile shpiuni,
shto mi kladoja pusija,
shto me kladoja v pusija,
na Drenovskata Klisura.

Katili, kleti shpiuni,
denje i nokje chekaja,
denje i nokje chekaja,
najsetne mi dochekaja.

Ete go Pere kaj ide,
na konja so kirajdzhija,
na konja so kirajdzhija,
bez pushka i bez druzhina.

Shpiuni pushki grmeja,
ljuto go Pere ranija.
Zagina Pere vojvoda
za zhalna Makedonija.

Pere Toshev
Petar (Pere) Toshev - also known as Toshov, born in 1865 (or 1866) in Prilep, into a wealthy family of emigrants from Debar area. He was a teacher and a voivode of IMARO, a member of the Central Committee, a participant on the Smilevo Congress and the Ilinden Uprising; earlier a participant in the battles for unification of the Principality of Bulgaria with Eastern Rumelia in 1885, and a participant in the Serbo-Bulgarian War of 1885. Pere Toshev died on May 4, 1912 near the village of Drenovo (Tikvesh area) being caught in ambush, cruelly tortured and killed by Ottoman soldiers.