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Za Marko Lerinski

(A song about the Lerin voivode Marko Lerinski)
Za Marko Lerinski - Perform by the ensemble "Biljana" from Petrich

Deneska petok-sabota, /2
utre e sveta nedela. /2

Marko vojvoda pristigna /2
vo tova selo Patele. /2

Prokleti bile shpioni! /2
Marka vojvoda predadoo. /2

Nadojdoo turski tabori, /2
Marka vojvoda sardisaa. /2

Zafati bitka golema, /2
Marko vojvoda zagina. /2

Prokleti bile shpioni /2
Marko shcho go predadoo! /2

Marko Lerinski
Georgi Ivanov Gjurov, better known as Marko Lerinski and Marko Gerojski - born on June 20, 1862 in Kotel (near Sliven, Bulgaria) was a Lerin area voivode of IMARO, a close associate of Goce Delchev, Vasil Chakalarov, Lazar Pop Trajkov and others. He had been a feldwebel (sergeant) in the Bulgarian Army, a participant in the Serbo-Bulgarian War of 1885. He was recruited in IMARO in 1900 and was one of the first organizers of the liberation struggle in Lerin (Florina) and Kostur (Kastoria) areas. He was the military instructor of many of the most famous voivodes of the Bitola Revolutionary District. Because of betrayal, of June 13, 1902 in the village of Patele (Lerin area) he died heroically in an uneven battle with the Ottoman army.