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Vo Mogila Cvetkov mrtov padna

(Pesna za vojvodata Paraskev Cvetkov)
Vo Mogila Cvetkov mrtov padna - sung by Pande Kominovski from Bitola

Aj, kazhi, kazhi, majska prirodo,
kazhi, narode, denes shto imash,
kazhi, narode, denes shto imash!

Dolu vo poleto, selo Mogila,
tamu se bie Cvetkov vojvoda,
so negovata verna druzhina.

Bie se bigjun i negova druzhina
i so nego beshe dedo Andreja,
i so nego beshe dedo Andreja.

Bie se bigjun so turska vojska.
Vo Mogila Cvetkov mrtov padna,
vo Mogila Cvetkov mrtov padna.

Zaradi bratstvo i za sloboda,
lezhi spokoen slaven junak,
lezhi spokoen Cvetkov vojvoda!

- bigjun (Turkism) - today (bügün), all day long (bütün gün)

Paraskev Cvetkov
Paraskev Cvetkov, also known as Parashkev Tsvetkov, born on May 20, 1875 in Pleven (Principality of Bulgaria) was professor of music and a voivode of IMARO. He studied in his native city and Sofia, and later in Prague (Czech Republic) and Dresden (Germany). Starting from 1902, he was a professor in Bitola's high school and joined IMARO. He was a delegate to Smilevo Congress. On May 20, 1903 he and his cheta arrived in the Bitola region village of Mogila to begin preparations for the Ilinden Uprising. But the next morning, on May 21, 1903, they were surrounded by Turkish army. After all day battle Paraskev Cvetkov was badly wounded, after which he decided to shoot himself. Half of his comrades were also killed including the voivode Andrej Petrov.
Andrej Petrov
Andrej Petrov Blazhev - Rasolkovski, known as Dedo Andrej, born in 1861 in the village of Malo Crsko (Demir Hisar area, today Kichevo area) was a Prilep region voivode of IMARO. He was a komitadji in the chetas of the voivodes Duko Tasev, Mirche Acev, Jordan Piperkata, and Marko Lerinski, and later he became a voivode in Prilep region. In 1903 he joined the cheta of Paraskev Cvetkov. He died on May 21, 1903 in a battle with Turkish army in the village of Mogila (Bitola area) along with the voivode Andrej Petrov.