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Ubava e bila Pirin planina

Ubava e bila Pirin planina - Perform by the female vocal trio "Pirinka" from Goce Delchev

Ubava e bila, mamo,
ubava e bila,
ubava e bila, mamo,
Perin planina.
Nikade ja nema!

Debeli sa bili, mamo,
debeli sa bili,
debeli sa bili, mamo,
nejnite snegove.
Nikade `i nema!

Na vrah na Perina, mamo,
tam se sa sreshnali,
tam se sa sreshnali, mamo,
dvamina vojvodi -
Goce i Jane.

Pirin Planina (The Pirin Mountains) - is named after Perun, the highest god of the Slavic pantheon and the god of thunder and lightning. In different dialects, this mountain is known as Pirin, Perin, and Perun.