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Silen boj mi se zavrza

(A song Pitu Guli and Milan Gjurlukov)
Silen boj mi se zavrza - Sung by Aleksandar Sarievski

Silen boj mi se zavrza,
silen boj mi se zavrza
nad Krushevo, Mechkin Kamen,
nad Krushevo, Mechkin Kamen.

Em od pushki, em od bombi,
em od pushki, em od bombi,
jasno nebo se zatemni,
jasno nebo se zatemni.

Izvikna se Pitu Guli
na Milana daskalcheto:
- Oj, Milane, mili brate,
oj Milane, mili brate...

- Ja frli si teshki bombi,
ja frli si teshki bombi,
malce asker da rasterash,
mene patot da otvorish,
malce asker da rasterash,
mene patot da otvorish!

Pitu Guli
Pitu Guli also known as Gule and Gulev - born in 1865 in Krushevo, was an Aromanian revolutionary, a voivode of IMARO, a participant in the Ilinden Uprising at the famous Battle of Mechkin Kamen near Krushevo where he was killed in an uneven battle with the Ottoman army in defense of the Krushevo Republic on August 13, 1903. His four sons Tashko, Dimitar, Sterjo, and Nikola also participated in the liberation struggle of Macedonia. Tashko Guli died in 1918 as soldier of the Eleventh Infantry Macedonian Division, and Nikola Guli an activist of IMRO was arrested and executed by Serbian police in 1924.
Milan Gjurlukov
Milan Gjurlukov - born November 14, 1884 in the village of Krivogashtani (Prilep) was a Prilep voivode of VMORO. He participated in the Ilinden Uprising together with his cheta of 80 men under the direct command of the voivode Pitu Guli. After the uprising he was appointed a voivode in several regions. He also participated in the Balkan Wars, the Tikvesh uprising, and the First World War. Because of his anti-Yugoslavian activity without a court judgment he has been killed by the communist regime on September 9, 1944 in Skopje.