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Jas Metodi Patche od Ohrida

(A song about the voivode Metodi Patche)
Jas Metodi Patche od Ohrida - Performed by the ensemble Biljana from Ohrid

Jas Metodi Patche od Ohrida,
osloboden od Bitolski zatvor,
pa si trgnav za Ohrida grada -
tam ne najdov ni majka ni tatko.
Tam si najdov vernata biserka,
vernata biserka maliherka.

Pa si t'rgnav za Prilepa grada,
za Prilepa, selo Kadinovo,
tam si najdov vernata druzhina,
vernata druzhina dogovorna.
Slovo drzhi Metodija Patche:
"Napred, brakja, borba da vodime!"

Se zadade silnata potera,
silnata potera kavalerija.
Poarchija site si kurshumi,
ostavija sal po eden kurshum.

Slovo drzhi Metodija Patche:
"Ajde, brakja, da se ubieme!"
Navrtija pushki vo gradite,
navrtija pushki vo gradite.

Prv se ubi Metodija Patche,
prv se ubi Metodija Patche,
a po nego celata druzhina,
a po nego celata druzhina.

Metodi Patchev
Metodi (Metodija) Patche, also known as Metodi Patchev - born on May 7 (or 12), 1875 in Ohrid, was a teacher and a voivode of IMARO in the regions of Ohrid, Kichevo, and Prilep. On August 5, 1898 Patchev killed an activist of the Serbian propaganda in Ohrid, after which he was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in the Ottoman prison in Bitola. Due to the amnesty he stayed in the prison until the middle of 1901, after which he became a Prilep area voivode of IMARO. On March 25, 1902 his cheta was betrayed in the Prilep area village of Kadino and they got surrounded by Ottoman army soldiers. After Patchev and his cheta members wasted all of their ammunition they committed suicide.