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Mama Tode ucheshe

(A song about Tode Bochvarcheto)
Mama Tode ucheshe - Sung by Nikola Badev

Mama Tode ucheshe:
„Sedi, Tode, ne odi,
snoshti dojde potera!“

Tode mama ne slusha,
si opashal sil'afot,
si nametnal martinot.

Si nametnal martinot,
si nakachil planina,
tamo najde dvamina.

Tamo najde dvamina,
dvamina mi ovchari.
- Ej, ovchari, chobani,
dal vidovte kumiti?

- Snoshti beja ovdeka,
rudo jagne pecheja,
tebe mi te chekaja.

silaf (sil'af, siljaf) (turc.) - ammunition, weapons.

Another version of this song:

Majka Tode karashe,
- Sedi, Tode, ne odi, /2
ne odi, Tode, kumita.

Tode majka ne slusha,
si nametna martinot, /2
si opasha silafot.

Snoshti dojde potera,
i za tebe prashaa:
- Deka ti e Todeto,
Todeto Bochvarcheto?

Se nakachi v planina,
tam si najde druzhina, /2
druzhina verna zgovorna.

Tode Bochvarcheto - born in a village in Prilep area, according to some sources in the village of Radobil. He was a member of the cheta of Dime Chakre. At the beginning they acted as a robbery gang that attacked and plundered the interlopers who harassed the peaceful Christian population in Prilep area. Later they began more organized to take part in the revolutionary activity.