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Koga s`nceto izgreva

Koga s`nceto izgreva - Perform by Vatashka Chalgija, Kavadarci

Koga s`nceto izgreva
od albanskite shumi,
mlad junak so konj izleva
od zheleznite vrati,
mlad junak so konj izleva
od zheleznite vrati.

Turil sedloto od mesing
i uzdata od zlato,
i so tatkoviot blagoslov
toj na konja se kachil,
i so majchiniot miloslov
trgnal smelo toj napred.

Zbogom majko, zbogom tatko,
zbogom brakja i sestri,
jas otivam nadaleko
'de se gine sekoj chas,
kaj kurshumi, bombi grmat,
'de se gine sekoj chas.

The Eleventh Infantry Macedonian Division was created in August 1915. Its creation was initiated by the IMARO (VMORO) leadership, especially by the supporters of Aleksandar Protogerov. In the Division joined most of the former members of VMORO and current voivodes, komitadjis, many volunteers, and people of the Macedonian emigration in Bulgaria. The number of soldiers and officers was over 33,000 from all parts of Macedonia. The division commander was General Krste Zlatarev from Ohrid, chief of staff Petar Drvingov from Kukush, and the brigade commanders Aleksandar Protogerov from Ohrid, Boris Drangov from Skopje, Grigor Kjurkchiev from Prilep and others. The Division functioned as an integral part of the Bulgarian army.