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Ke te prasham, babo mori

(A song about the Prilep area voivode Nikola Karandzhulov)
Ke te prasham, babo mori - Performed by RTV Blagoevgrad Ensemble

Ke te prasham, babo mori,
pravo da mi kazhesh, /2
pravo da mi kazhesh, babo,
nemoj da me lazhesh! /2

Dal me pitash, ago more,
pravo ke ti kazha, /2
pravo ke ti kazha, ago,
nema da te lazha. /2

Ni vojvodi beja, ago,
ni kumiti beja, /2
tuku mi se, ago more,
pusti apsandjii,
pusti apsandjii, ago,
od pusta Bitola.

Toj napred shto beshe, ago,
Nicho Karandzhula,
i po nego, ago more,
Dimko Minovoto,
i po nego beshe, ago,
Dame Adjikochov,
i po nego beshe, ago,
Petre Markovcheto.

Leb jadoja, ago more,
pismo mu pristigna, /2
pismo mu pristigna, ago,
od niven nachalnik. /2

Tamo da odaja, ago,
pushki da zemaja, /2
pushki da zemaja, ago,
pushki manliheri. /2

Nikola Karandjulov
Nikola (Nicho) Karandzhulov, known as Karandzhula - born in 1880 in Prilep, was a teacher, and a Prilep area voivode of IMARO. He studied in Prilep, Bitola, Kyustendil, and Zagreb (Croatia) at the Pedagogical School. After that he was a teacher in Prilep, Kumanovo, Kriva Palanka and other places. In 1898 he joined the revolutionary activity of the IMARO against the Ottoman authorities. At the end of 1902 he was arrested by the Ottoman authorities and imprisoned in Bitola. One year later, Nikola and 32 other prisoners succeed to escape the jail through a tunnel. On July 28, 1904, near the village of Selce (Prilep area) Nicho Karandzhulov was killed in an uneven battle with the Ottoman army.
Dimko Minov - born in Prilep, was an activist of IMARO. His close relatives are the IMARO activists Ilija Minov and Georgi Minov.
Dame Adzhikochov, also known as Hadzhikochev - born in Prilep, was a treasurer of the Prilep county committee of IMARO in 1901.