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Ja izlezi Gjurgjo

(A song about the Demir Hisar voivode Jordan Piperkata)
Ja izlezi Gjurgjo - sung by Ace Petkovski

Ja izlezi, Gjurgjo,
ja izlezi, sestro,
ja izlezi, Gjurgjo, na pendjere,
aj, ja izlezi, Gjurgjo, na pendjere.

Da gi vidish, Gjurgjo,
da gi vidish, sestro,
da gi vidish, Gjurgjo, komitite,
aj, da gi vidish, Gjurgjo, komitite.

Kako odat, Gjurgjo,
kako odat, sestro,
kako odat, Gjurgjo, red po redum,
aj, red po redum, Gjurgjo, devet reda.

Napred odi, Gjurgjo,
napred odi, sestro,
napred odi, Gjurgjo, vojvodata,
aj, vojvodata, Gjurgjo, Jordan Piperka.

Pravo odat, Gjurgjo,
pravo odat, sestro,
pravo odat, Gjurgjo, za Pribilci,
aj, za Pribilci, Gjurgjo, kaj mudurot.

Da ja platat, Gjurgjo,
da ja platat, sestro,
da ja platat, Gjurgjo, veresijata,
aj, veresijata, Gjurgjo, trigodishna.

Jordan Piperkata
Jordan Siljanov known as Jordan (Ordan) Piperkata - born June 23, 1870, in the village of Kozica (Kichevo region), was a voivode of IMARO, a participant in the Melnik Uprising, a Smilevo Congress delegate, a participant in the Ilinden Uprising. He was a Demir-Hisar region voivode and was active in Kichevo, Krushevo, and Bitola regions. He was killed on August 10, 1903 when his cheta fall into a Ottoman ambush near the village of Cer (Kichevo region). He and his cheta comrades were buried in the village of Velmevci (Demir-Hisar region).